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Roxy was experiencing anxiety at the thought of doing her mock exams. The impacts of which included, getting no quality sleep where she would wake up feeling tired, anger outbursts, mood swings, lack of focus and concentration, negative thoughts about self, no motivation to study and feeling stressed out about having blank moments when doing the exams. She wanted to feel focused, calm, confident, get quality sleep, think positively and to stop self-sabotaging whenever she needed to study. Roxy has given me permission to share her story and experience of hypnotherapy and how it has helped her overcome the signs/symptoms of anxiety.

Part of her treatment plan included audio recordings, having hypnotherapy sessions on Skype, being shown how to use (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique and support throughout her exams. Part of the psychotherapy around her treatment involved Roxy taking accountability and being responsible for playing a part in achieving the goals she set out. This included phone and sleep hygiene psycho-education and what she could do towards making these better.

To watch the entire video testimonial, view on 'Full Screen'.


I've had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Clare which all were amazing, but there was one session in particular that was the best thing I've ever experienced, a certain exercise was so successful that I will often re-do the same exercise whenever I'm feeling that same certain way. It works a treat every single time!


Clare will put you at ease straight away, I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable in her presence, her voice is very calming and soothing, it's perfect for her line of work!  If you're looking for a good therapist then book a session with her, you won't regret it!!


Clare has helped me work on my self-confidence which is what I desperately needed. 

Clare makes you feel at ease. She explains the techniques; when she does this, I can feel her passion for her role.

Clare has taught me a variety of techniques and self-hypnosis. However, like every success story, the more effort I put in with practising the techniques, the better the outcome. 

I've loved each session and would highly recommend Clare.


She has given me insightful and helpful tools through hypnotherapy to address the difficulties I have addressed with her: anxiety, palpitations and feeling unable to cope when presented with a stressful situation.  She has empowered me to retrain the way I think and how I cope: it’s definitely working for me.  I’m starting to enjoy life again and not feeling like I cannot cope when presented with a stressful situation.  

I would wholeheartedly recommend Clare in helping others through her practice of a variety of hypnotherapy techniques."

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