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Hypnotherapy Services


A 4 week package that enables you to shift the feelings that present themselves with anxiety.

Hypnotherapy helps to release the anxiety and build up your confidence.


To see a more information about getting help with your menopause journey, click here.


Live a life where you are free to do what you want and no longer be tied down by your phobia or fear.

Hypnotherapy can release the root cause helping you to feel positive and move forward.

Limiting Beliefs

You are ready to live your life fully and want to unblock whatever is stopping you in moving forward.

Hypnotherapy can help shift and release what's holding you back.


Whether its to gain confidence to deliver a speech, go for an interview, pass a driving test or day to day life.

Hypnotherapy and EFT can help make positive changes.

Wellness and Health

Lifestyle choices determine how confident, motivated and energetic we can feel day to day. Hypnotherapy helps you stop self-sabotaging your fitness journey, eat better or sleep well.


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