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Seeking help is the first step towards making a positive change in your life and with Enlighten Your Mind Therapy, there are many ways in which you can begin you journey to feel empowered, transformed and learn to embrace who you are.

Your Initial Consultation

Your discovery call will take place either by telephone or via Skype, whichever preference you choose.

We will discuss in detail what you need help with, allowing me to understand more about the situation, how you feel, how its affecting you and your life, amongst other aspects.

This enables me and you to establish if we are a good fit for one another and how we will proceed with your session(s), so you can get the result you want.

Female Patient
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Your Session(s)

Your first session will last for as long as it needs to ie, anything from 1 to 3 hours, as its important to get to the root of the issue as fast as possible in a gentle way.

The session can take place face to face or via Skype, as long as you have a secure and strong WiFi connection.


All information shared is treated in the strictest of confidence and follows all GDPR requirements.

Packages and Treatments

It's important you get the right type of help you need, so I also offer other types of treatments ranging from anxiety, phobias/fears, low conifidence, changing habits and many more.

Click here to find out more about the different types of help you can receive with me.

I also specialise in the Menopause and Father Wound, for which I have packages available.

Online Meeting
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