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The Role of a Therapist

Updated: Feb 9

Although I have written an 'About Me' section on my website, I wanted to give you a little insight about what you can expect from me when I'm your therapist.

Our initial telephone consultation will enable me to establish some important information:

(1) What areas in your life are you struggling with?

(2) Are we the right fit for one another?

(3) Are you committed to do the work?

(4) What are your expectations from therapy?

All conversations and data collected during any sessions will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality and I pride myself in being dedicated to my clients treatment.

When you choose a therapist, its really important to get a sense of 'Will they have my back?', so that you can feel truly confident in your choice. But did you know that therapy is a '2-way street' in the sense of giving yourself fully to your healing journey, which will mean you achieving goals, doing the work required in between sessions (where necessary) and much more that's involved with part of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Enlighten Your Mind Therapy is a practice that has a dedication to the wellbeing of its client's because they are at the forefront of what its all about. I wanted to create a name that truly reflected my working ethic and morals when helping clients on their healing journey and as a spiritual person, the word 'Enlighten' resonated with me. When we can shine a light on what changes we need to make, this helps give us clarity on what works needs to be done, giving a sense of empowerment and it allows you to understand yourself better and how you can live your true authentic life.

You can check my credentials, such as insurance and training through the APHP

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