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What Enlighten Your Mind Therapy Can Do For You

We all deserve to live a life that brings us joy and happiness - don't we?

However part of being human means we can create or have stumbling blocks that stop us progressing with goals in life, or for others they might have difficulty in knowing how to be happy, being able to have relationships and much more.

Hypnotherapy allows us to tap into that amazing mind of yours and reprogram your subconscious mind, so that we can give it a lovely new and positive suggestion that better serves you and your life.

As a professional practitioner I specialise in helping clients with:

Sleep problems



Limiting beliefs - such as self-sabotage or imposter syndrome

Phobias and fears


Achieving goals

Public speaking

Driving test nerves

Confidence issues

Health choices - food and exercise related

This is not an exhaustive list, as there are many phobias and fears that people may have, so please contact me to discuss what you need help with.

I am currently learning about the menopause to help women with the many challenges they can face through this life changing experience, so keep an eye out on my website for more information.

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