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Packages and Treatments

Hypnotherapy can treat a lot of different psychological and emotional issues that you may be experiencing. Below I have listed an example of the types of different areas I can help you with, including specific tailored packages.

Menopause Confidence

To find out more about how I can help you with managing your menopause symptoms, click here to read more.


Whether you are lacking confidence in yourself, with others, in relationships or at work. Hypnotherapy will help you untie the knots of what may be causing you to feel this way and allow your inner resources to find new ways to become a more confident you.

Lifestyle Habits

Our lifestyle determines how healthy we feel and when this is out of balance, it can leave us feeling disempowered and negative about ourserves.

I work with lifestyle habits related to the menopause, but they are also part of every human. You can find out more about the differen types I help with here.

Father Wound

To find out more about the different ways a father wound can impact your life and the types of issues you may be experiencing as a result of this type of trauma, click here.


Whilst anxiety is a normal part of being human, so we can protect ourselves with our fight, flight and freeze response, it can sometimes feel like its getting out of control. Maybe you are experiencing panic attacks or ruminating on negative thoughts. Hypnotherapy can get to the root issue with your anxiety, so you can begin to make sense of why you are experiencing it.

You can read some client testimonials about their hypnotherapy experience for treating their anxiety here.


We are only born with the fear of falling and loud sudden noises, so any others are created at a time in your childhood. Hypnotherapy can help with getting to the root of where it began and free you from the ways it may be negatively affecting your life.

What Our Clients Say

I saw Clare for some issues relating to procrastination in my business. I am going through menopause and I had noticed tiredness, lethargy and lack of focus becoming real problems. It was easy to just blame this on hormones or HRT dose - but it just felt that it was triggering old unhelpful emotions and beliefs, particularly those relating to my childhood. With Clare's enormous patience and skill, she helped me to bring some important themes to the forefront, enabling me to reflect and work through them. Clare has a lot of knowledge about the menopause in terms of its importance as a growth phase in a woman's life. I hadn't made the connection between estrogen production and its link to past trauma, so it did make sense that old "stuff" was going to resurface. Since our 2 sessions I have spent a long time contemplating the significance of what we talked about, especially in terms of the psychological barriers I was using to protect myself from judgement, fear of failure, and even fear of success. Clare is also a wonderfully warm and conscious human who uses empathy and intuition in her practice. I would definitely recommend her.
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