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I am Clare Cavalli, the founder and Clinical Hypnotherapist of this practice, based in Gillingham, Kent UK.


Hypnotherapy is a great choice for those who are ready to get to the root of their issue because sometimes all the other things that may have been tried, haven't quite worked and now you feel 'stuck'.

I have full public liability insurance and am accredited with the Association of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Practices where you can check my credentials.

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Love and light,

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My Story

I have always been fascinated by people and wondered why we behave and react in certain ways and I was hungry to learn more. So, I enrolled on a course, completing a Diploma in Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and from this moment I was hooked.

It wasn’t until a year later that I began researching more on hypnotherapy, after receiving several different posts about it. So far as I was concerned the hypnosis part of this therapy was only entertaining purposes and like many people I thought of Paul McKenna, as cliché as it sounds.

But then my interest peaked after finding out how people overcame their fears and phobias, after years of feeling shy they were now becoming confident or how things from the past were released freeing individuals from the chains that were holding them back in life. This was a profession I was really interested in finding more about and that’s when I enrolled on a course with The Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. We completed lots of homework, did a mid-course exam and then a final exam to verify our competency and here we are.

I absolutely love everything I do in my profession and have enjoyed seeing the wonderful changes in people who come to see me in person or have sessions via Skype. Ranging from anxiety, childhood trauma, phobias, confidence building and more.

I do specialise in helping women with their menopause journey and you can find out about this in more detail by clicking here.

I work in a ‘content free’ approach, meaning you do not have to tell me what it is you want to resolve, but if you have something specific such as a phobia or fear you want to eliminate, then that’s okay to tell me, if you wish. I always begin my therapy sessions with a technique called an ‘emotional detox’. Think of a pressure cooker, where you have months and years’ worth of life’s experiences built up inside your body and mind and letting it all go, releasing it from your body, freeing up all those kinks, enabling us to let your subconscious mind how you do want to feel and be.

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